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Lorex Technology Inc. is a leading Canadian owned and operated video surveillance company and globally renowned high-profile enterprise for manufacturing surveillance and high-resolution security cameras. Its headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The main objective of Lorex is to manufacture secure and innovative surveillance products and systems for businesses and homes at an affordable price. Lorex enterprise provides an extensive range of wireless security cameras, IP camera, home camera system, observation system, security camera system, security DVR, video baby monitors and accessories and much more to be relaxed      while safeguarding their properties. It is a globally fabled and committed to offering the high-security video camera systems which are prompt for businesses and home. Despite all these features of the Lorex security camera system and HD high security for business and home, you may also face some issue while safeguarding. To resolve any kind of issue, Lorex provides Lorex camera phone number for its potential consumers. Once you call Lorex help number, you will be redirected to the best Flir Lorex support experts who are always available at the Lorex security customer service. They will analyze all issues and resolve them quickly by providing suitable solutions. Calling the Lorex camera help number is one of the effective ways to get instant and helpful solutions. So, whether you have a technical or non-technical issue, you just need to contact the Lorex security cameras phone number for the best assistance.

Lorex Camera Help >> Some common issue with Lorex security camera systemlorex security cameras customer service

These are some common issues listed below that may happen while using the Lorex security camera system. If you are also confronting these issues, then you can easily resolve it by calling the Lorex security cameras customer service number. Although, we have also provided helpful troubleshooting steps in this section to solve these issues properly. So, you should go through this complete section before calling any Lorex camera support number and resolve your issues easily.

  • There is no picture from the camera
  • The photo has become choppy
  • The picture is dropping
  • A bright spot in picture while seeing the camera at night
  • The picture is white
  • Can’t hear audio when 1 speaks
  • Video stream in live seeing are different sizes
  • Cannot connect to the system remotely

Lorex Support Numbers:

We have gone through various resources available on the internet to find out official Lorex support numbers and other contact details that are mentioned downward. All the Lorex contact options given here are legitimate but sometimes it gets changed by the OEMs without any prior information. In such a situation, we don’t take the responsibilities over these Lorex technical support numbers or any contact details mentioned here. Please check & verify the Lorex contact details before using them. However, you can call on our support number for instant help. It helps customers to redirect their call to an independent 3rd party Lorex customer support number.

Lorex Support Number (for sales) 1.888.425.6739
Lorex Camera Support Email [email protected]
Lorex Technical Support Number UK 0800.047.8594
Lorex Customer Support Number 1.888.425.6739

Lorex Help >> Lorex troubleshooting steps to fix these common issues

These troubleshooting steps will help you to eliminate all the issues listed in this section. You just need to execute these points carefully so that you will not face any trouble. If you confront any difficulty, then you can simply take assistance from Lorex camera phone number. The Lorex help team present at the Lorex Flir customer service will give you the finest solutions. Calling the Lorex security cameras phone number can resolve any error or issue within a few minutes with the help of Lorex secure support team who are highly qualified in this field and have excellent expertise in fixing any technical or non-technical issues.

The picture is dropping:

  • Move your Lorex security camera closer to the receiver.
  • Try repositioning the camera, receiver or both for improving the reception.
  • Make sure you have raised the antenna on the receiver.

No picture from the camera:

  • Check the power to the camera.
  • Ensure that the receiver and camera are both ON.
  • Ensure that your Lorex security camera system is in range of the receiver.
  • The battery is dead. Connect the receiver to a power outlet utilizing the included power adapter.
  • In case, the receiver is into scan mode, then click the power button to exit the scan mode. If you have any doubt, then you have to dial Flir Lorex support number.

Picture has become choppy:lorex camera support

  • The photo may become choppy if you have a lower frame rate due to reduced signal strength (i.e. 10 frames p/s vs. a higher 20 frames p/s).
  • Move the security camera on the closer side of the receiver.
  • Delete the obstructions b/w the camera and receiver. For further support, dial Lorex camera support number.

Picture is white:

  • The common situation knows as “whitewash” or “washout” where a strong light source is pointed at the camera lens. Camera lens is not damaged during the whitewash.
  • Don’t point your camera towards a light source.

Can’t connect to the system remotely:

  • Ensure the receiver is turned on. You must connect the receiver to a local power outlet during the remote monitoring.
  • Ensure you have connected the receiver to your router utilizing the included Ethernet cable.
  • Ensure the receiver displays a green network icon on the LCD display. If the labeled is red, then you may require turning the unit OFF and ON again. For further assistance, dial Lorex help number.

Video streams in live viewing are different sizes:

Lorex security camera is set to different resolutions (i.e. one is set to HD and other to VGA). The system will record everything normally.

Can’t view events on mobile device:

The memory card has been eliminated from the receiver. Insert a memory card with motion recordings stored on it into the receiver to see the events on your tablet/smartphone. In case of any issue, call the Lorex security phone number.

lorex camera customer serviceCan’t hear audio when 1 speak:

You should release the talk button for listening audio from the camera. Doing so, you can easily fix this issue. If this issue is not fixed after doing so, then you may take help of Lorex camera customer service phone number.

A bright spot in picture while watching camera at night:

This happens when a Lorex security camera is pointed at a window to see outside because the night vision LED’s generate infrared light that reflects off the glass. In case, you need to see outside, then you have to install the camera outdoors. Please note that the Lorex must be installed under the shelter once placed outdoors. If you have any doubts, then you can clear it by calling the Lorex camera phone number. The Lorex help team sitting at the Lorex security customer service will deliver you the best solution to fix your issues. As soon as you call on Lorex camera customer service phone number, you will be assigned the best technician to assist you. As Lorex Flir customer service works all the time, you can dial Lorex security cameras phone number anytime. In case, you could not connect with the official Lorex camera support number due to the rush of calling, then you can take help of tollfree number displayed on this site that will connect you to an independent third-party Lorex security cameras support number.

Lorex Secure Support >> How to connect Lorex security camera

The installation of every security camera system is never going to be the same. The connections all system utilizes, alternatively, perform the general patterns for making the installation procedure easier. Lorex usually provides three kinds of camera for security that each has somewhat dissimilar installation requirements. In case, you have any query associated with Lorex camera, then you should reach Lorex Flir customer service for better guidance and support. The Flir Lorex support team present at the Lorex security cameras support will rectify all errors or glitches. Even you can also take help of Lorex camera help service via email or live support (chat), but calling the Lorex security cameras customer service number is the reliable and fastest way to fix any issue.

MPX analog security system wiring:

A single RG59 Siamese BNC cable to attach the camera, DVR and power. This cable offers video transmission and power. Siamese BNC cable’s video head plugs directly into the DVR (digital video recorder), while the powerhead attaches to an involved power adapter. If you want to know more about this process, then you can directly take help of the Lorex security phone number. The technicians at the Lorex Flir customer service will fix your tech or non-tech issues instantly through Lorex camera customer service phone number.

PoE (power over ethernet) security system wiring:

NVR systems using the POE security system technology only need a single ethernet cable for connecting recorder and camera. The ethernet cable offers both video transmission and power. It connects to the back of the IP camera and NVR. In case, if you have any query regarding this topic, then you need to contact the Lorex secure support team by calling them on Lorex security cameras customer service number.lorex security cameras phone number

Wifi security system connections:

There is no requirement to run the video cables with the help of underground or buildings. This also permits you to simply change the camera location. Connect the Lorex security camera to a power outlet. After that, a small wired transmitter linked to DVR’s backside connects wirelessly to the Lorex security camera. For more information related to this task, you can simply take the help of the Lorex security cameras phone number. The Flir Lorex support team sitting at the Lorex security customer service will provide you helpful and effective solutions. It is one of the best ways to obtain the fastest and best resolutions by calling the Lorex security phone number. If you face any kind of issue while calling the official Lorex camera phone number, then you can get assistance through the best independent third-party Lorex camera customer service phone number.

Lorex Camera Help >> How to setup remote video access for Lorex security camera

Several users want to be capable to access the security footage from their security camera from anywhere throughout the world. But they do not have any idea what it takes to do this with the camera. Through this section, you can easily set up remote video access. Follow this complete task and if you have any difficulty, then you have to call Lorex security phone number quickly and seek the best Lorex camera help service. But, before calling Lorex security cameras phone number, you should perform these steps first and try to fix your issue.

  1. Connect your Lorex security camera to a LAN after configuring it to your router.
  2. You have to configure the router for the port forwarding.
  3. After that, make your Lorex DDNS account for creating a permanent web address for the Lorex security camera system.
  4. Now, connect to your system remotely through internet. To get more information related to this section, you can simply call Lorex security cameras support number.

The process to set up remote video access is ended. Now, you have to execute this task carefully. If any difficulty persists, then you can dial Lorex security cameras customer service number for better assistance. The Lorex secure support team sitting at the Lorex security customer service will diagnose all issues and offer appropriate solutions. If you don’t have any registered Lorex security cameras support number, then you can get it from its main website. Calling the Lorex camera support number is the best way to get effective guidance regarding any problem. You can dial Lorex security cameras customer service number any time of the day as the Lorex security phone number is active 24*7 hours round the clock.

flir lorex supportFlir Lorex Support >> Installing the Lorex security cameras

Lorex provides weatherproof outdoor security cameras, that’s means you can easily install all of them where you require the most. When you have determined the locations that require the most coverage and optimize the installation areas with the following points. If you have any query related to Lorex security cameras, then you can contact Lorex security customer service by calling on Lorex camera support number.

  • Place the security cameras up high: It will protect your security cameras from the vandalism and offer a wider coverage range.
  • Keep the camera under shelter: Doing so, it will diminish the impact precipitation that has on the quality and clarity of security footage.
  • Point away from light: Mounting the security cameras so the lens is pointed away from the sources of light.
  • Obstruction free: Do not make the obstructions points for maximizing the field of view.
  • Protect the camera cables: Install on the side of buildings, ceilings or soffits for connecting the cables.
  • The obvious placement: Lorex security camera’s mere appearance can deter potential intruders. For more information, dial Lorex camera phone number.

These are some essential tips that you need to remember while installing the Lorex security camera. You should follow these above instructions. In case of any difficulty, contact Lorex Flir customer service where Lorex secure support experts will deliver you troubleshooting solutions to overcome any issue. In case, you could not connect with the official Lorex security cameras support, you should take help of independent third-party Lorex camera customer service phone number by using our support number posted on this site.