Lorex Technology Inc. is a well-known video surveillance company and a high-profile organization manufacturing high-resolution surveillance security cameras. It is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Lorex aims to manufacture innovative and secure surveillance products and systems for both homes and businesses at an affordable price. The company offers a broad range of video baby monitors, security DVR, security camera systems, home camera systems, IP cameras, wireless security cameras, and related accessories. Lorex is committed to offering high-security video camera systems for businesses and homes. However, despite these features of the HD high security and Lorex security cameras for business and home, users can experience certain challenges while setting up or using them. For resolving any kind of issue, we have designed this troubleshooting guide to offer relevant solutions to you.lorex support

All about Installing Lorex Security Cameras

The company is known for providing weatherproof Lorex outdoor cameras. It means you can install them where you need them the most. After determining the areas that demand the most coverage, you can optimize your installation locations with the following guide.

  • Place the Lorex security cameras high: This is going to protect Lorex outdoor cameras from vandalism while offering a  broader coverage range.
  • Place the Lorex camera system under shelter: This will reduce the influence of precipitation on the clarity and quality of the security footage.
  • Point the camera away from the light: Mount the camera to point it away from the light source.
  • Obstruction free: Ensure there are no obstructions points so that the field of view is maximized.
  • Secure camera cables: You should install a Lorex camera system on the ceilings or buildings’ sides to connect the cables.
  • Obvious placement: Mere appearance of a Lorex security system can deter potential trespassers.

You can use the Lorex cloud app for managing the security camera system. You must remember these essential points while installing the Lorex security camera. You can install the 720P Lorex wireless camera system (LWU3624 / LWU3622) by using these steps:installing lorex cameras

  • Mount your Lorex wireless camera system on the wall or ceiling with the help of screws.
  • Set the desired view by adjusting the angle of the camera.
  • Screw the adjustment rings and the thumbscrew tightly for securing the camera position.
  • Connect your camera to the power outlet via the camera power adapter.

All about Setting Up Lorex 4K Camera System

Lorex 4K cameras provide top-quality video footage and capture vital details. Thus, customers can watch over the things that need monitoring. 4K clarity captures useable evidence in case of any accident on your property. Lorex 4K security camera delivers extremely detailed pictures and permits greater digital zooms. The following guide offers steps to install 4K Ultra HD IP Cameras (E893AB series):lorex 4k camera

  • With the help of the mounting template, mark holes for screws.
  • Drill holes using a 3/16” drill for mounting screws. If installing in drywall, you can use drywall anchors.
  • Move the cable through the cable notch or mounting surface.
  • Use the screws for mounting the camera stand on the surface.
  • Adjust the position of your camera as per your need by loosening the adjustment screw.
  • Secure the camera’s position by tightening the adjustment screw.
  • After installing the Lorex 4K camera system, take off the vinyl film from its lens.

You need to consider Lorex 4k security cameras because of the following features:

  • Free mobile application
  • Advanced features
  • Great night-vision capabilities
  • 108 degrees Field of View

How to connect Lorex security camera?

The installation of every camera system will never be the same. It is seen that Lorex offers three types of cameras for security purposes. Each one has different installation requirements. This guide is the reliable and fastest method to fix any issue.lorex security cameras

MPX analog security system wiring

An RG59 Siamese BNC cable is used to attach the power, DVR, and camera. The cable is known to offer power and video transmission. The video head of the Siamese BNC cable is plugged directly into the digital video recorder (DVR). On the other hand, the powerhead is attached to the power adapter.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) security system wiring

NVR systems use POE security and only require a single ethernet cable to connect the camera and recorder. The cable provides both power and video transmission. It is connected to the back of the IP camera and NVR.

Wifi security system connections

There is no need to run the video cables underground. It permits you to change the camera location easily. First, connect the security camera to the power outlet. Then, a small wired transmitter attached to the backside of the DVR is connected wirelessly to the camera.

Lorex Support Numbers- Official

We have researched several resources available on the Internet to determine official Lorex support numbers and other contact details. These Lorex contact options are legitimate, but sometimes the OEMs may change them. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for these Lorex technical support numbers. You are suggested to check and verify the contact details before using them.lorex customer support

Lorex Support Number (for sales) 1.888.425.6739
Lorex Camera Support Email [email protected]
Lorex Technical Support Number UK 0800.047.8594
Lorex Customer Support Number 1.888.425.6739

Resolving Lorex Wireless Security Camera Not Turning On Issue

If the Lorex wireless security camera is not turning on, your system can be facing problems with the power connection or source. Lorex Cloud app keeps users connected no matter where they are. Use the following guide to for checking camera power connections and source:

  • Ensure a firm connection between the power adapter and the camera. Also, the power adapter must be connected to a working power source.
  • Cover your camera lens. Check for an audible click sound after the red LEDs turn on. If these LEDs do not turn on, it means there is not enough power. Try using another power outlet.
  • Try connecting the camera to another port of the NVR/DVR.lorex wireless security camera
  • Try using a different Ethernet or BNC cable. Cables are easily damaged if broken, twisted or bent.
  • The cable length of Ethernet or BNC should not be more than the set guidelines as it can hamper image quality.

How to set up remote video access for Lorex security camera?

Many people want to access the security footage from their cameras from anywhere worldwide. But they do not have any idea what it takes to do this with the camera. Through this section, you can easily set up remote video access.

  1. Connect your camera to LAN after configuring it to the router.
  2. Setup the router for port forwarding.
  3. Setup a Lorex DDNS account.
  4. Connect to the system remotely through the Internet.

The process of setting up remote video access ends here. You just have to execute the steps carefully.

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Lorex Home Security Camera

Some common issues listed below can occur while using the Lorex home security camera. If you face these issues, you can resolve them through the helpful troubleshooting steps provided in this section.

  • No picture from the Lorex camera
  • Choppy picture
  • Dropping picture
  • A bright spot in the picture at night
  • White picture
  • No audio
  • Cannot connect to your system remotely

If you are not able to view events on your mobile device, it means the memory card is removed from the receiver. You need to insert the card that has motion recordings for seeing the events on the smartphone. If you cannot hear audio when you speak, release the talk button. There might be a bright spot while seeing the camera at night. It is mainly because of the fact Lorex surveillance cameras are pointed at windows. The night vision LEDs produce infrared glass that is reflected off the glass. To monitor outside view, you need to install the system outdoors. These steps is going to assist you in eliminating the issues listed in this section. All you need to do is execute these steps carefully.lorex home security cameras

Dropping Picture

  • Bring your camera closer to the receiver
  • Reposition the receiver, camera, or both to improve the reception.
  • Ensure the antenna is raised on the receiver.

No Picture

  • Ensure power connection to the camera.
  • Ensure that your camera and receiver are ON.
  • Ensure that the camera system is within the range of the receiver.
  • In case of a dead battery, connect the receiver to the power source via the power adapter.

Choppy Picture

  • It could be because of a lower frame rate due to decreased signal strength.
  • Place Lorex surveillance cameras closer to the receiver.
  • Remove all the obstructions between the receiver and camera.

White Camera

  • It is a condition known as ‘washout’ or ‘whitewash’ wherein a strong light source points at the camera lens. There is no damage to the lens during the whitewash.
  • Ensure there is no light source pointing at the camera.

Cannot connect to your system remotely

  • The receiver must be on.
  • Connect the receiver to the router using the Ethernet cable.
  • The receiver must show a green network icon. If it is red, you need to turn off the unit and then turn it on again.

Troubleshooting the Lorex Security Camera System

Lorex is a top-rated company that deals in surveillance cameras and takes pride in its simplicity of use. Nevertheless, it does not mean there are no technical glitches in their cameras. A Lorex security camera system faces similar issues experienced by other camera systems.lorex security camera system

If your camera is not working, this section is for you.

  • Ensure the security camera power and connection: All the connections must be properly wired. Also, the router must be working appropriately.
  • Ensure correct settings: People often disregard camera settings. Due to incorrect settings, surveillance cameras cannot record video during night and evening, cannot interface with Wi-Fi, and cannot complete recordings.
  • Reboot the camera: One of the easiest and most effective solutions is to reboot Lorex wireless cameras. It helps in removing the cache and junk to start afresh. You just need to disconnect the power supply for a few minutes and then turn it on again.
  • Ensure there are no IP address conflicts: Every camera comes with a unique IP address for sending and getting information via the Internet. No other device should have the same IP address as it can develop a conflict between the device and the camera.
  • Update the Firmware: If there are Lorex wireless cameras glitches and issues, check if an update is available for the firmware on Lorex’s official site.

Troubleshooting Offline Status in Lorex Security Systems

In some instances, Lorex security systems can appear offline on your Lorex Home app. They may still show a solid green LED light even while being offline. There are some ways through which the device can be reconnected to the Lorex Home app.

  • Check power connection to the device: Ensure that the physical condition of the device is good to receive power.
    • Unplug the device from the mount and put it on a flat surface. Check if the housing is damaged in any way.
    • There must be no damage to the power cord or visible cut marks.
    • Complete all the connections and plug the device. Then, connect power cord to the adapter and camera. Plug the cord in. Wait till the green LED turns solid before you connect the device to the app.
  • Check the Internet Connection: Check the router as well as other connected devices to ensure there is a strong and stable network connection. You may have to reboot your router if there is a connection problem. Remove the router from the power source for 10 minutes and then plug it back in.
  • Reconnect the device to the Lorex app: After restarting the router, your device can be reconnected to the Lorex camera app. For this purpose:
    • Open the Lorex app
    • Go to Settings and then Wireless Network
    • Follow onscreen instructions on your Lorex camera app

lorex customer serviceLorex Support from Us

Lorex Technology is a big name in the world of security systems. It not only protects your business and home but also offers DIY security. In addition, the company provides professional-grade solutions, enhancing the lifestyle of the clients. If you are experiencing any errors related to its cameras, you can read this guide to resolve them. To get additional help, you can place a call on the number mentioned on this web page. You will be connected to an independent third-party Lorex executive who can troubleshoot your issues.