Welcome to our comprehensive guide on accessing support services for Lorex, a leader in security camera systems. Whether you’re setting up your first camera or troubleshooting an advanced setup, knowing how to get in touch with Lorex customer support can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll explore how to maximize the benefits of your Lorex products by utilizing their customer service. From dialing the Lorex support phone number for immediate assistance to leveraging the Lorex customer service number for detailed inquiries, we’re here to guide you through the process. Our aim is to ensure that every interaction with Lorex customer support is as helpful and efficient as possible, providing you with the solutions you need to keep your property safe. So, let’s dive into the world of Lorex customer support services and discover how easy it is to get the help you need, when you need it.

Support Type Days Support Number Website
Phone (Technical)

Phone (Sales)

Phone (Sales Support)

Monday – Friday 1-888-425-6739



Lorex Website 24/7 None Lorex Website


Lorex Live Chat Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST None Lorex Live Chat
Lorex Email (Ticket) 24/7 None Lorex Email

Lorex Camera customer support

Lorex provides a comprehensive range of support channels to ensure that every customer can find the help they need, when they need it. Understanding the various support options available can greatly enhance your experience with Lorex products. Here’s an overview of the support channels offered by Lorex, emphasizing the availability of official support details for full transparency:

  • Lorex Support Number:

This is your direct line to immediate assistance for any product-related issues, setup guidance, or technical support. By contacting the Lorex support phone number, you can speak with knowledgeable representatives who are ready to solve your problems in real-time. This service is ideal for urgent matters requiring prompt attention.

  • Lorex Customer Service Number:

Similar to the support number, the Lorex customer service number connects you with customer care representatives for non-technical queries, such as order status, shipping information, and warranty questions. It’s the best way to get quick answers about your purchases and services.

  • Lorex Helpline:

This dedicated line is designed to offer specialized support for specific issues. Whether you need troubleshooting advice, help with system setup, or have questions about features and compatibility, the Lorex helpline provides an additional layer of support to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Lorex Technical Support Email:

For less urgent matters or detailed technical inquiries, contacting Lorex through their support email is an excellent option. This allows you to provide detailed descriptions of your issues or questions, and receive comprehensive responses from the technical support team.

  • Online Chat Support of Lorex:

Lorex offers online chat support through their official website, providing another convenient way to get real-time assistance. This feature is perfect for quick questions or guidance during the installation process, directly from your computer or mobile device.

Support For Lorex Product Categories:

Lorex offers a wide range of security products, ensuring that customers have access to top-tier support for each category. By contacting the Lorex support phone number or reaching out via the Lorex customer service number, users can receive assistance for the following product categories:Lorex product categories

  • Lorex Wired Security Cameras:

Ideal for those seeking reliable, uninterrupted surveillance. Lorex wired cameras provide high-definition clarity and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Users can contact Lorex support for installation guidance, troubleshooting, or any technical issues.

  • Lorex Wireless Security Cameras:

These cameras offer flexibility and ease of installation, perfect for areas where wiring is a challenge. They connect to your network wirelessly, providing crisp video footage. For assistance with setup, connectivity issues, or optimizing performance, the Lorex customer service team is ready to help.

  • Lorex Wire-Free Security Cameras:

Powered by batteries, these cameras are truly wire-free, offering the ultimate in installation simplicity and portability. Contact Lorex support for advice on battery life, motion detection settings, and cloud storage options.

  • Lorex Digital Video Recorders (DVRs):

DVRs are the backbone of wired security camera systems, recording high-quality video footage for review and evidence. Lorex customer support team can assist with hard drive storage questions, playback issues, and system upgrades.

  • Lorex Network Video Recorders (NVRs):

NVRs work with IP cameras to provide cutting-edge surveillance features and video quality. For setup assistance, network configuration, or to learn more about advanced features, the Lorex customer service number is your go-to resource.

  • Lorex Security System Accessories:

From extension cables to mounts and power adapters, Lorex offers a variety of accessories to enhance your security setup. For compatibility questions or help selecting the right accessories, reaching out to Lorex customer support is recommended.

  • Lorex Smart Home Security:

Integrating cameras with home automation systems for enhanced security and convenience. For guidance on integrating your Lorex products with smart home technology, contact the Lorex customer service number.

By leveraging the Lorex support phone number customers can ensure they are getting the most out of these product categories, whether it’s through setup assistance, troubleshooting, or optimizing their security system’s performance.

Support For Lorex Camera Problems:

Lorex cameras are renowned for their reliability and advanced features, but like any technology, users may occasionally encounter issues. Here are some common problems faced by Lorex camera users, along with potential solutions. Remember, for more detailed assistance or troubleshooting, contacting the Lorex support phone number is always a recommended step.Support for Lorex Camera Problems

  • Lorex Camera Connectivity Issues:

Camera not connecting to the network or frequently disconnecting. Check your WiFi signal strength near the camera location. Ensure the camera firmware is up to date. Reset the camera and router. If issues persist, contact Lorex support for further assistance.

  • Lorex Poor Video Quality:

Blurry images, poor night vision, or video lag. Using a soft, dry cloth, carefully clean the camera lens. Utilizing the Lorex software or app, change the camera’s settings. Make sure the camera is not facing reflective surfaces if night vision is the issue. Contact Lorex customer service for optimization tips.

  • Lorex Motion Detection Not Working:

Camera does not alert or record when there is movement. Increase the sensitivity setting of the motion detection feature. Check to ensure the camera’s view is not obstructed. Update the camera’s firmware. For further configuration help, contact Lorex support phone number.

  • Lorex Playback Issues:

Unable to play back recorded videos or experiencing glitches during playback. Ensure the DVR/NVR has adequate storage space and is not full. Check the network connection for any instability. Restart your DVR/NVR system. If problems continue, the Lorex customer service team can guide you through more troubleshooting steps.

  • Lorex Firmware Update Problems:

Errors when trying to update the camera’s firmware. Verify that your internet connection is stable. Try performing the update at a different time. If the update fails repeatedly, reaching out to the Lorex support number can help resolve any underlying issues.

  • Accessing Camera Remotely:

Difficulty in viewing camera feed remotely via the Lorex app. Ensure that your camera, DVR/NVR, and app are all updated to their latest versions. Check your mobile device’s internet connection. Configure your network settings for remote access, following guidelines provided in the Lorex manuals or contact Lorex customer service for step-by-step assistance.

For any of the above issues, if the initial troubleshooting steps do not resolve the problem, it’s crucial to contact Lorex customer support. Whether it’s through the Lorex support phone number or Lorex helpline expert assistance is available to ensure your security system operates smoothly and effectively.


Q1: How can I contact Lorex support for immediate assistance?

  • A: For immediate assistance, you can contact Lorex support number available on their official website. This line connects you directly with a support representative who can help with your inquiries or issues in real-time.

Q2: What should I do if my Lorex camera is not connecting to WiFi?

  • A: If your Lorex camera is experiencing connectivity issues, ensure your WiFi network is stable and your camera is within range. Restart your camera and router. If the issue persists, contacting the Lorex customer support number for specialized assistance is recommended.

Q3: Can I get help with installing my Lorex security system?

  • A: Yes, Lorex offers support for system installation. You can find installation guides on the Lorex website or contact Lorex support number for step-by-step assistance from a professional.

Q4: My Lorex camera’s video feed is unclear. What can I do?

  • A: Unclear video feeds can result from dirty camera lenses, incorrect settings, or bandwidth issues. Clean the lens gently with a soft, dry cloth. Check the camera settings through the Lorex app or software. If problems continue, reach out to Lorex customer service for further diagnostics and support.

Q5: How can I retrieve my Lorex system’s forgotten password?

  • A: For security reasons, you will need to contact the Lorex customer support number to reset your system’s password. Be prepared to verify your identity and ownership of the product for security purposes.

Q6: Are there any resources available for troubleshooting Lorex products myself?

  • A: Lorex provides a comprehensive knowledge base on their website, including troubleshooting guides, how-to articles, and FAQs for self-service support. If these resources do not resolve your issue, the Lorex support number is your next step for assistance.

Q7: What is the warranty period for Lorex cameras, and how can I make a claim?

  • A: Lorex products come with a warranty period that varies by product. To make a warranty claim or inquire about your product’s warranty period, you should contact Lorex customer support number with your product details and purchase information at hand.

Q8: Can I upgrade my Lorex system software or firmware through customer support?

  • A: Yes, Lorex customer support team can guide you through the process of checking for & installing software or firmware updates for your devices. It’s crucial to keep your system up-to-date for optimal performance and security.

Q9: How can I return a Lorex product if it doesn’t meet my needs?

  • A: For returns, refer to the return policy outlined on the Lorex website. For detailed instructions and to ensure your return is processed efficiently, contact Lorex customer support number.

Q10: What should I do if my issue is not listed in the FAQs?

  • A: If your specific issue isn’t addressed in the FAQs, the Lorex support number is always available to handle unique or complex problems. The customer service team is equipped to provide personalized support for your situation.

Support For Lorex Warranty & Repair Services:

In order to guarantee that its clients’ security cameras and systems function without a hitch, Lorex is dedicated to offering them extensive warranty coverage and repair services. Understanding the specifics of Lorex’s warranty and repair services can help customers efficiently resolve any issues they might encounter with their products. Here’s a detailed overview:Lorex warranty & repair services

  • Lorex Warranty Coverage

    • Lorex Standard Warranty Period:

Lorex products typically come with a standard warranty period, which covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. The duration may differ based on the product, thus it’s crucial to review the details for your particular gadget.

    • Lorex Extended Warranty:

Customers may have the option to purchase an extended warranty for their Lorex camera system, offering additional peace of mind beyond the standard warranty period.

    • What’s Covered:

The warranty usually covers hardware defects and malfunctions. It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, improper installation, or environmental conditions.

  • Lorex Repair Services:

    • Lorex In-Warranty Repairs:

If your Lorex camera is still under warranty and experiences a hardware malfunction, Lorex offers repair services free of charge, provided the issue is covered by the warranty terms.

    • Lorex Out-of-Warranty Repairs:

For products no longer covered by warranty, Lorex still provides repair services at a cost. Customers can contact Lorex support to get a quote and instructions on how to proceed with the repair service.

  • Lorex Direct Contact Information

For warranty claims, repair services, or any inquiries related to the support for your Lorex camera, you can use the following direct contact information:

    • Lorex Support Number:

Available for immediate assistance with warranty claims, repair services, or any technical support queries. This is your go-to number for real-time help.

    • Lorex Customer Support Number:

Ideal for general inquiries, including warranty information, product support, and guidance on using your Lorex camera system.

    • Lorex Helpline:

Another valuable resource for troubleshooting and advice on resolving specific issues with your Lorex products.

For the most accurate and up-to-date contact information, including the Lorex support number, customers are encouraged to visit Lorex’s official website. Here, you’ll find all necessary contact details, support resources, and an FAQ section that may address your concerns without the need to directly contact support.

Support For Lorex Software & Driver Downloads:

Keeping your Lorex security cameras updated with the latest software and drivers is crucial for ensuring optimal performance & security of your surveillance system. Lorex is committed to providing customers with easy access to the most recent updates for their products, ensuring that your system benefits from the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches.Lorex software and driver downloads

  • Why Update Your Lorex Software and Drivers?

    • Lorex Enhanced Features:

New software releases frequently provide additions and enhancements that might improve your Lorex cameras’ functionality.

    • Lorex Improved Stability:

Updates can resolve previous issues, leading to a more stable and reliable surveillance system.

    • Lorex Security Enhancements:

Updating your software is essential to safeguarding your machine from flaws and guaranteeing the security of your video.

  • How to Download Updates

Lorex makes downloading the latest software and drivers straightforward:

    • Visit the Official Lorex Website:

Navigate to the support or downloads section to find the latest software and drivers for your specific Lorex camera model.

    • Select Your Product:

Ensure you select the correct model to download the appropriate software or drivers.

    • Follow Installation Instructions:

After downloading, follow the provided instructions carefully to install the updates on your device.

  • Lorex Need Assistance?

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from the Lorex customer care staff if you run into any problems with the download or installation procedure, or if you’re not sure if your device needs an update. You can contact:

    • Lorex Support Number:

For immediate assistance, dial the Lorex support number. A customer service representative can guide you through the process or address any concerns you may have.

    • Lorex Customer Service Number:

For less urgent inquiries or additional customer care services, the Lorex customer service number is your go-to resource.

Lorex News & Updates:

  • Lorex New Product Releases:

    • February 1st, 2024:

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide featuring Lorex security solutions:

    • No recent product releases announced on the Lorex website.

However, they regularly update their “New Arrivals” page: [https://www.lorex.com/pages/new-arrivals] so keep an eye out there for the latest additions.

  • Lorex Software Updates:

    • Lorex constantly releases software updates for their products.

You can check for available updates for your specific device by visiting the Downloads section on the Lorex Support website: https://help.lorextechnology.com/.

    • February 1st, 2024:

A blog post listed “Best Smart Doorbells That Support Google Assistant in 2024” and “Best Video Doorbell Cameras of 2024”, which might indicate software updates or new features for these products:

  • Other News and Announcements of Lorex:

    • Lorex frequently publishes blog posts on various topics related to home security, product reviews, and industry trends.
    • You can find them here: https://www.lorex.com/blogs/news
    • Lorex is active on social media and may announce new releases or updates there. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for the latest news.
  • Lorex Additional Resources:

    • Lorex Press Releases: https://www.lorex.com/blogs/news/tagged/press-release
    • Lorex Latest News & Media Resources: https://www.lorex.com/blogs/news

Lorex Support By Us:

Our support service for Lorex stands out in the security system industry, offering unparalleled assistance that ensures your surveillance setup operates at peak performance. Recognizing the critical role that security systems play in safeguarding your property, we’ve tailored our support services to address every possible need, emphasizing our unique value proposition through expertise, rapid response times, personalized service, and cost-effectiveness.Support services for Lorex

  • Lorex Expertise:

Our team comprises seasoned professionals deeply knowledgeable about Lorex products and the broader security system landscape. Whether you’re facing a complex technical challenge or need guidance on the optimal setup for your specific needs, our experts are equipped with the insights and experience to provide accurate, reliable solutions.

  • Lorex Rapid Response Times:

We understand that issues with your security system can’t wait. That’s why we prioritize swift response times, ensuring that your queries are addressed promptly.

  • Lorex Personalized Service:

Every security setup is unique, and our approach to support reflects that. We offer personalized service, tailoring our assistance to meet the specific demands of your Lorex camera system. With this customized help, you can be sure that the solutions we offer go beyond simple recommendations and instead represent thoughtful analyses that take into account the specifics of your system, resulting in more effective and efficient problem solving.

  • Lorex Cost-Effectiveness:

Investing in a Lorex security system is a decision to protect your property without breaking the bank, and our support services extend this philosophy. We strive to offer cost-effective solutions that maximize the value of your investment. From guiding you through DIY troubleshooting steps to offering competitive rates on out-of-warranty repairs, our aim is to keep your costs low while maintaining the highest standards of support.


In conclusion, our independent support service for Lorex provides an unparalleled level of expertise, swift response times, personalized service, and cost-effectiveness that stands out in the realm of technical support. We are dedicated to making sure that each and every customer gets the direction and support they require to get the most out of their Lorex security systems because we are aware of the complexities involved with Lorex products. Whether you require assistance with software updates, have technical difficulties, or have inquiries regarding warranty and repair services, our team is available to provide solutions that are customized to meet your individual needs.

Our emphasis on delivering timely and effective support ensures that your security system operates at its best, providing peace of mind and the security you rely on. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, and our ability to address and resolve issues promptly, making us a trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing your Lorex security system’s performance.

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