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Firefox was developed in the year 2002 by the Mozilla foundation. Internet Explorer 6 had its monopoly at that time. Mozilla Firefox was loved by its users for its security, add-ons, and safety. It was released in 2004 when it broke the internet with 60 million downloads within a span of 9 months and till date (according to StatCounter in March 2022) is the 4th most used web browser after Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It is very convenient to download Mozilla Firefox.firefox support

Features offered by Mozilla Firefox

Firefox comes with a variety of features. Let’s look at a few primary features.

  • Bookmarks: For a quick browsing experience, you can add frequently used websites or apps on the homepage.
  • Easy search bar: Mozilla Firefox search bar provides suggestions according to history and popular pages. It is not required to type the whole text; suggestions will be auto-filled just by a tap.
  • Add-ons: Want to use your go-to app while browsing? Just download it and pin it to your taskbar.
  • Private browsing: This feature of Firefox is used to browse without getting your web activities traced. Go to the menu and tap the New Private window to access this feature.
  • Synchronization: You can open your account from any device with the sync option. Sign up on Firefox and sign in anywhere to access your account.
  • New tab: Use this feature to approach different information simultaneously.
  • Get help: If you face any issue, get it resolved here.

How to download Firefox? >> Mozilla Firefox download

Mozilla Firefox download is an easy process. Just follow the steps given below-

firefox free download

  1. Search Mozilla Firefox download in the search bar
  2. Go to the official page
  3. Click on download
  4. Please wait for it to be downloaded
  5. Firefox free downloaded is completed.

Download Firefox for Windows >> Firefox download for windows 10

If you are searching for Firefox download for windows 10, windows 7, and windows 8, or any other windows, for instance. The method is almost the same for any of the windows if you are searching for Mozilla Firefox download for windows

  • Go to search menu
  • Type Firefox for windows or Firefox download for windows 10Firefox download option will appear
  • Tap on download Mozilla Firefox
  • The download will automatically start
  • How to download Firefox issue will be resolved

Download Firefox for windows / Mozilla Firefox download for windows issue is resolved.

How to download Mozilla Firefox for Mac? >> Firefox free download

Firefox is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac as well. Are you confused about how to download Mozilla Firefox for Mac? In order to download Firefox for mac follow the simple process given:-

  • Go to the primary website of Mozilla Firefox
  • Touch on the download option to download Mozilla Firefox for mac
  • Let the download start
  • Check the download in the files folder
  • Firefox latest version is downloaded
  • install firefoxThis is the way if you are searching for how to download Firefox or specifically download Firefox for mac.

How to install Firefox >> Install Firefox on Mac.

In order to install Firefox browser, follow the simple steps given below

  • After the download is executed, go to the downloads folder
  • Select Firefox.dmg or a similar named setup
  • Bring Firefox to the Applications folder
  • Let it copy the image
  • Open Mozilla
  • A dialogue box will appear
  • Click on open
  • Firefox for Mac book is installed

How to update Mozilla Firefox >> Firefox update

upgrade firefox

Are you searching for upgrading Firefox? There can be many reasons for updating Firefox; you might be facing some issues while browsing. Also, Firefox latest update has many bugs fixed, and an update comes with an improved version of the application. You can even update Firefox in a different language for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Search for these versions on the official site of Mozilla Firefox.

Steps for Firefox Update are the same as the steps to download

  1. Go to the official page
  2. Click on download
  3. Wait for download
  4. Select downloads
  5. Open setup
  6. A dialogue box will appear
  7. Click on run
  8. Firefox latest version update will automatically be done

Firefox Support official numbers

We have provided a guide for executing various operations in Mozilla Firefox. Even though these directions are enough but if you still have a concern, contact on the following numbers to get Firefox support. This phone number is valid as per the internet, but the executives might change it at any point of time. Therefore, we are not reliable if this number can’t be contacted.firefox support phone number

Firefox Support Link

Firefox keeps crashing>> Firefox is not responding to help

If Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing, add-ons that are not supported by the browse might be a reason

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on help from the menu bar
  • If you can’t find the menu bar, just right click on the top of the page
  • You can see the menu bar option click on that
  • Now, click on help and select troubleshooting information
  • The troubleshooting information page will be opened now; tap on Refresh Firefox under Give Firefox a tune up heading
  • Refresh Firefox; this will remove the add-ons and customizations from the browser
  • Tap on the finish and open Firefox. You will get a success message
  • Now your Firefox keeps crashing problem will be resolved.

Firefox slow loading pages >> Firefox server not found assistance

If you are facing any issue with Firefox slow loading pages, there might be many reasons, one of them being Firefox update is not executed. There can be several other reasons, like your system’s ram might be slow, you have too many pinned tabs, or it might be facing problems in restoring the previous sessions. Check for the above reasons if you encounter issues such as Firefox slow loading pages or the Firefox server not being found. Refer to the steps given below.firefox slow loading pages

1) By Updating Firefox- If the issue is Firefox slow loading pages, try updating Mozilla Firefox using the steps provided above, or you can simply download the latest version to update it automatically.

2) Sometimes, Firefox not loading pages issue is not resolved even after updating to the latest version of Firefox. In such a scenario, you can be guided with these steps-

  • Go to the URL bar
  • Type about:config
  • Click on the warning “Accept risk and continue.”
  • Again search for network.HTTP.http3.enabled
  • Change the settings from ‘true’ to ‘false’ by double-clicking
  • Restart the browser
  • Firefox slow loading pages issue will be resolved.

How to fix the Firefox server not found issue? >> Firefox problems solutions

Firefox server not found is a common concern in Mozilla Firefox. The common reason for this error is no internet access. First, check for a proper internet connection, and restart the network. If the issue still persists, check for a DNS address by following these steps.

  1. Press the Windows key, type control panel
  2. Tap on network and sharing
  3. Click on the current connection, menu will open
  4. Go to properties
  5. Choose option ‘Use the following DNS server address and type ‘’ in the box
  6. And write ‘’ in the box beside ‘Alternate D.N.S sever.’
  7. firefox server not foundPress ok to save changes and close the window

Firefox keeps freezing issue >> Firefox freezing solution

If Firefox keeps freezing, it can be caused by a few internet security software; check for different internet security or antivirus software. Try updating it first, but if the matter still persists,

  • Go to the search bar
  • Type ‘about:support’ and search
  • You will be followed by the troubleshooting Information page
  • Select ‘Profile folder’ from the list and open the folder
  • Choose SQLITE-File named places.sqlite or similar rename it as places.sqlite.old
  • Click yes to the warning
  • The puzzle of Firefox freezing will be solved

How to enable cookies in Firefox? >> Enable cookies in Firefox Help

You need to enable cookies in Firefox for different sites for a better user experience; some websites make it compulsory to accept cookies before using it. Another reason for websites asking to accept cookies is to provide you better and more convenient experience. Let us now look at the steps how to enable cookies in Firefox

  • Tap the menu with 3 lines at the upper right-most corner.
  • Go to settings
  • Select privacy and security panel
  • Choose cookies and site data option
  • Now check if ‘Accept Cookies and Site Data is selected. (if not selected, then select accept)
  • Also, put “Accept Third Party Cookies and Site Data’ to enable
  • How to enable cookies in Firefox affair is taken care of.

How to save bookmark in Firefox? >> Save bookmark in Mac

Bookmarks are our frequently visited websites that can be added to our home page. It gives us a personalized experience. Bookmarks save us time typing and browsing and then selecting the web page we want to visit. Hence, they are a helpful tool. If you want to learn how to add bookmarks to the Firefox page, you can refer to the following steps-how to enable cookies in firefox

  • Go to the menu at the corner with 3 line
  • You will see bookmarks in the dropdown list
  • Click on bookmarks
  • Select manage bookmarks at the bottom
  • The Library window will open
  • Choose 3rd option at the top bar, that is Import and backup
  • Select ‘Export bookmarks to HTML’ from the dropdown list
  • To save a file, choose a location according to your convenience
  • Rename the file if you want to ,it be named as bookmark.html by default
  • Tap on save
  • Close the window

The bookmarks HTML is saved on FirefoxNow; if you want to import the file to Firefox steps are pretty similar

  • Select Menu
  • Go to bookmarks
  • Choose manage bookmarks
  • Select ‘Import bookmarks from HTML’ in the library window
  • Now, from the ‘Import bookmarks from HTML’ window, move to the file you want to import.
  • Select the file
  • Close the library window
  • Importing bookmarks will be executed

How to save bookmarks in Firefox issue will be resolved

How to enable Flash in Firefox? >> Flash player in Firefox help

Flash player is software that provides access to videos or graphically integrated images and animations, including some flash-enabled websites.

Here are the steps to enable flash player in Firefox

  • Go to the menu icon on the right
  • A dropdown menu will appear select add-ons
  • Select shockwave flash
  • Put it to always-on settings
  • enable flash player in Firefox process is done

How to enable Flash in Firefox on Mac? >> Solution for enabling flash on Mac?

Firstly you need to ensure that your Flash plugin is compatible with Firefox. Check on the Add-ons page if you can’t find flash.

  • Now press command+ a + shift
  • 3 bar menu and then go to add-ons
  • Write about: add-ons and press enter
  • tap plugins on the left
  • Now you can install the flash plugin and view games and videos.

This is the solution on how to enable flash in Firefox on Mac.mozilla support

Firefox Support from Us

Firefox is a free and easily accessible source of the internet. It has been liked by people since ages for its easy interface, add-ons, flash, and many more features. If you find any issues while working on this browser, you can refer to the above article. However, if you still need some help, you can always call on the contact number provided in the article for independent third-party Firefox support. The executives will pick the call and support you in solving any sort of Mozilla Firefox-related issue.